We have just completed a 4000 line kilometre SkyTEM electromagnetic underslung survey. The survey was flown using the AS 350 B2 which is a proven work horse and very good for towing birds. The SkyTEM 304 and 508 systems are underslung loop type systems, on this survey the loop was slung on a longline 150 feet below the helicopter.

We were contracted by Groundprobe Geophysics who operate the SkyTEM  electromagnetic survey frame. The bigger SkyTEM 508 survey frame was used for nearly all of the survey with the SkyTEM 304 survey frame used for a day or so to do the wetlands. The survey was undertaken to map ground water for the Western Australia Department of Water on the Dampier Penninsula in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.

The survey was completed in what can only be desribed as very challenging conditions. The survey was started late September which is the start of the Northern Australian monsoonal build up which brings with it high humidity and temperature and unsettled weather conditions. Despite the challenges our pilots using the AS 350 B2 handled the conditions and the heavy 508 system very well we were able to provide the flying accuracy needed for quality data  in the challenging conditions.

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