• Morgan Inglis   FBQ Lnd
    Safety, Service and Capability
  • Morgan Inglis   FBQ Maning
    Experienced pilots in remote area operations
  • Morgan Inglis   FBQ Manning 1
    Modern well equipped aircraft
  • Morgan Inglis   FBQ Coastal
    Experienced Geophysical Survey pilots
  • Morgan Inglis   Jetranger
    Comprehensive safety audit history
  • Morgan Inglis   KHK 1
    Experienced longline precision lift pilots
  • Morgan Inglis   Fbq Coast
    Experienced fire operations pilots

Operations Australia wide with an emphasis on Kimberley, Pilbara and Northern Territory.

Frontier Helicopters is a leading provider of airwork helicopter services in Australia. We are committed to providing a professional, safe and efficient service to our clients. Our safety record has been proven over many thousands of hours of accident free flying. Read More


9600 hours

Dan has flown over 9600 hours in helicopters without any accidents over his 18 years involvement in aviation.


  • Fire management
    • Suppression
    • Incendiary, drip torch and capsule
    • Air attack
    • Survey
  • Longline lifting work
    • Geophysical survey, EM loops
    • Rig support
    • Aircraft retrievals
    • Aerial Baiting
    • Wet season resupply
  • Mustering and shooting.
  • Mining and exploration related helicopter operations

Our industry expertise helps clients in local government, oil and gas and mining and exploration.

With more than 17,000 hours of combined flight time, owners and pilots Morgan Inglis and Dan Grant have mastered a variety of airwork helicopter services. Our superior knowledge of the local conditions, client needs and remote area operations has made us the go-to company in the Kimberley for specialist operations including fire management, geophysical surveys, aerial crane and sling load operations, feral animal control, aerial filming and photography and more.

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