Helicopter Aerial SurveyFrontier Helicopters Management and Pilots have many years experience in Exploration related helicopter operations and have ongoing relationships with oil and gas explorers in Western Australia.

Helicopter Services AustraliaOperating in the Great Sandy Desert all year round, in some of the most remote exploration sites in Australia, our pilots are experienced and comfortable in these areas, with the necessary skills required to work safely and effectively.


Helicopter Services to:

  • Geological Surveys
  • Aerial Survey
  • Heritage Surveys/Clearance
  • Environmental Surveys
  • Helicopter Evacuation Services AustraliaDrill site surveys
  • Standby Emergency Evacuation Services (image right)
  • Sling load operations
  • VIP transfers
  • Drill Rig crew changes
  • Drill Rig support
  • Seismic support


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